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Updates on the German OCD model railroad club....

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That is fantastic! Wish it wasn't so far away...
You should check out the 1st part.....the airport ......

Well done......

Everytime I see the videos, I want to go out and buy a VW/Prosche or Audi that is made in a factory (not a plant) where everyone wears white coveralls, the robots are run/guided by people and there is not a sign of of oil or grease. I think the guys that work there build the detailed models/scenes must do it as a hobby and go there to install them on their annual 4 or 6 weeks vacations. - Imagine over 13 km for tracks for trains plus the roads, bridges and more personal effects.
amazing attention to detail!!!
I have a client who is a German foreign national, everything he does is done to perfection, he rebuilds all of his own old Mercedes because he said Germans love detail. It shows.

Even when Germans don't have to work their hobby's look like work.
My great great great grandfather moved here from Germany... somewhere along the line the obsession for detail was lost ,at least in my case.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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