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cliff notes: Is there any code prohibiting the bare ground as part of romex inside a wall as an equipment ground?


"...PV system, utilizing SMA 5000 and SMA 7000 inverters...route all my wiring from the inverters to my service panel inside the wall...use romex for that portion of the wiring

electrical path: conductors from each inverter to a 100 amp combiner subpanel, then to the AC disconnect, and finally to the service panel. My romex from the combiner subpanel to the AC disconnect to the service panel is 4-3 with ground (okay, perhaps a little overkill).

question: someone told me the ground I run from the subpanel to the AC disconnect and then to the service panel has to be either THHN or THWN, that I cannot use the bare ground wire provided in the 4-3 WG."

This edited quote is from a solar forum. I said I'd post in an electrical forum because someone asked me to. The wiring in question is on the AC side and I'm sure (99.9% anyway) that this being part of a solar system would have no impact on whether the wire is required to be jacketed. I'm also pretty sure that there is no such requirement anywhere in the NEC.
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