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I bought some Uniboard laminate flooring. I know it's not Bruce or Armstrong, but will I be sorry??? Thanx, guys ;)
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Be thankful its not Bruce :cheesygri
You get what you pay for with laminate ,so if you go in with that expectation ,you wont be dissapointed.
Thanks for the advice. So what can I expect with mediocre quality? It has a 15 year warranty, but will it snap and crackle and disintegrate under my feet like cardboard?
Just wondering if I walk on it too much I will soon be transported to my crawl space!
Hard to say ..Im not real familiar with that brand. As long as you walk around on your hands you should be ok :Thumbs:
It probably is one of the lower end laminates. And they CAN perform if installed correctly and taken care of properly.
A higher end laminate can be LIVED on more, but it too needs to be taken care of.
Just keep your expectation levels as low as the sq foot price...

I thank you guys!!! I feel a lot better now, even after Costello's joke! I would invite you to the housewarming if you weren't so far away...I live in Kentucky!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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