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Looked for a cabinetry section here to post this in. Didn't see one... sorry, if this is the wrong section.

Was thinking about using the Knape and Vogt MuV undermount drawer slides for a cabinet job I have coming up. Haven't used them before. Has anyone here? Are you happy with them? They look a little better than the Blum slides I've used in the past, but are more expensive. Do you have a recommendation on a slide similar to the KV MuV slide that is a little less pricey? I only need 3/4 slides for these cabinets, but it looks like the KV MuV only come in full extension models. If I go with the KV MuV slides I'll need a supplier, too, if you know a good one.

FYI: drawer faces will be flush, inset on a 4 sided drawer box. I am assuming that doesn't matter with these slides and they will accommodate that. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

Appreciate any advice you have on this. Thanks!
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