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I'm getting ready to re-do my kitchen floor using high quality vinyl tiles (haven't decided which brand yet) and according to my grandmother who originally built/owned (circa 1971) the house...the floor currently consists of some type of poured resin material that looks like a solid sheet of vinyl. What is the best way to approach this task? Attempt to rip up the old stuff? Tile right over it? Or use some type of underlayment? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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From my experience if height is not a concern (doors not opening and that kind of thing) you might do well to try to level the floor. On the other hand, with vinyl tiles the real word is CLEAN. Make sure that floor is spotless and those tiles get as much contact as possible. Otherwise they will be curling up in no time esp. in a kitchen with as that moisture. I'm not sure about sealing those vinyl squares, but you might want to look into that if you want this to last. Never sealed any myself, but then again I'm not sure how long it took before they started know...bad.
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