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Underground work

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I was just wondering how many of you guys do your own underground work. Electrical sitework, trenching, cast in place pole bases, transformer pads etc. Those that do do you own your own equipment and what do you have? My families business has always done our own. We have a Vermeer trencher and a tlb. However, when I was an apprentist only one company I worked for did their own. Most sub contracted it out. Just curious.
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Anything beyond 1 hour with a shovel I get someone else.
I do my own, i bought a used mini-ex for my digging and i already had 2 concrete mixers from jobs that i had years ago. Having my own machine has been a godsend, it has picked up other work for me in the past like tree removal, stump removal, digging up septics systems or digging new septics, digging foundations for garages, etc. The machine is tired iron but it works well and is far faster than a shovel. It has also been a great convenience for myself too for my own yard work and firewood.
I was in getting my hair cut last week..the barber had pictures of a front end loader he made for a small lawn tractor. He had pictures on his iPhone I gotta tell ya it was impressive. He said it cost him about 300.00 and 2 weekends to make and mount.

Obviously he can't do any really heavy lifting with it because of the counter weight but for transporting he said it's great. He said lifting a bucket of gravel wasn't a problem at all..

His father wants a back hoe attachment for his...thats the next project. He said that the prices for that run about 400.00 for the material.

I'll follow up with him to see how it worked. We don't do much underground work any more but if this works you can always pick up a used tractor and put one of these on it...
rent a backhoe and call nocuts haul to job and start digging it goes really fast
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