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There's been some talk of the US adopting the more strigent European energy codes.

Just had my furnace serviced and got an earful of WTF's from technician.

Hers a quick break down:

It seems that if these codes are adopted and made mandatory,new construction as well as remodeling are going to take a big financial hit.

The newer codes,would in effect,put the costs of building a newer home and retrofitting ,above it's appraised value,forcing the HO do it for the good of all mankind and forcing him to take a loss when it is sold.

When retrofiting one new energy approved component into an existing home,other non complying components may have to be addressed to pass inspection.

New costs will be;
Approved energy efficient design .
The use of more expensive qualifying material/components
Costs for qualified energy inspections on final" as built "

Sombody say socialized construction Industry.:furious:

Seems there's a lot to consider here:
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