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Hello All,

About me, I have a journeyman electrician's license for PA since 1977, graduated from Millersville University Industrial Arts/Tech Ed.; cum laude in 1975 after being honorably discharged from the U. S. Navy in 1971, built my first house in 1975, owned and operated a screen printing and graphics business for 20 years, have been remodeling since 2005, will soon have my C.A.P.S., a member of my local B.I.A. and PBA, NAHB, am a authorized Wellborn remodeler, love to use my creative skills to help people get a great project at a fair cost and I am very particular about quality. I have a great wife (married over 36 years) and two terrific children (actually young adults)! Life isn't always easy but it sure is challenging, the more challenging it gets......the more interesting it is.....the more worthwhile it is.:thumbsup:
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Great credentials. You sound like a welcome addition to this site. It really is a great forum.
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How is business in Chicago, good for you I hope!
Up and down-feast or famine.
The really dedicated guys are going to be alright and are weathering the storm in this area.
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