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what tools do you have in your ever day truck or trailer? also what trade are you??

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vos said:
what tools do you have in your ever day truck or trailer? also what trade are you??
Just have a truck bed box for everyday. Two belts with all basic hand tools, full compliment of cordless. Broom and pan. Two sorting containers with assorted fasteners. Zip poles. Trash bags. Roto hammer. Could handsaws. 2 and 4 foot levels.

stacker of sticks
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Trailer 7x14 us cargo
-dewalt 10" table saw
-dewalt 12" sliding miter saw
-dewalt 12" single bevel miter saw
-dewalt 4.5" grinder
-dewalt bench grinder
-dewalt Sheetrock guns (at least 4)
-dewalt sawzall (2 of them)
-rolair gas compressor
-rolair jc10 compressor
-tapco pro19
-festool ts55req
-festool midi vac
-makita sds hammer drill
-makita impact 18v ( I think I have 4)
-makita drill 18v ( I think 5)
-makita 18v reciprocating saw
-makita 18v circular saw
-makita jig saw
-makita orbital sander
-makita 4.5" grinder
-makita circular saw (for the pussies)
-makita multi tool
-skil mag 77
-skil hd 77 USA
-skil hd77 china
-skil drill press
-Milwaukee sawzall 13amp
-Bosch radio
-Bosch jigsaw
-bostich roofing guns (at least 7)
-bostich coil siding guns (2 of them)
-bostich coil framer
-bostitch 15ga finish
-bostich strap shot pp tico gun (2 of them)
-bostitch pancake compressor
- hitatchi stick framers nr83 and nr90 (2 of each) Hitatchi 16ga finish gun
-hitatchi 18ga finish gun
-porter cable planer
-Werner 6' step ladder (3 of them)
-Werner 8' step ladder
-Werner 16'
-Werner 20'
-Werner 24'
-Werner 28'
-Werner 32' (2 of them)
-Werner 14"x24' walk plank
-Werner 20"x12' walk plank
- I have a plumbing bag with pipe wrenches and Stuff
- electrical bag with all that stuff
At least a 1000lbs of fasteners
- rolling magnet
- a million roof jacks
- ladder jacks
- 100' plumbing snake
- shovels, post hole diggers, pick axes, sludge hammers,
- husk 460 rancher
- stihl ms170
- stihl ts480 demo saw ( I could be wrong on the model)
- 1000 or so feet of extension cords, and air hoses.

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I am a GC that specializes in concrete and dirt work. Everyday holds something different. I try to keep a good assortment of basics in the truck.

In my saddle box:

-Milwaukee Sawzall (USA)
-Makita Circ. Saw
-Makita Drill and Impact Set
-Hilti UH700 Hammer Drill
-Hilti DX350
-Parts box filled with misc. screws and nails.
-Socket Sets (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drive)
-Standard and Metric Wrench sets
-Vise grips
-and a whole mess of carpentry and mechanics tools

Truck Bed:
-Flat and round shovels
-Sledge Hammer
-Hard rakes
-Push Brooms
-12ga. and 10ga. Extension cords (100ft each)
-Cooler w/ice and water

I couldn't even start on our trailer (8x24) More stuff than I can remember.

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the resin I'm asking is because i work for a general construction company. i also do lot of work on the side and i like to keep tools with me just don't know what the best ones to carry are.

Custom cabinetry
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Geez... I can't even list what's in my trailer. In my truck I keep: extra set of bags (then I don't have to grab them from the trailer), 18v Makita drill, impact, multi tool, grinder, t50 stapler, 2 6.5" saws, sazall, flashlight, and blower. Then I keep a good assortment of fasteners, bits, tips, blades, etc. Then whatever specific tools I need for a project.

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Buy tools as you need them. I'm sure most people on here accumulated their collection over a ling time as the need would arise. Trying to catch up with everybody in a single shopping spree will leave you with a light wallet, lots of tools you rarely need, or might not need ever, and probably missing the one tool you need for you next project.

The next job you start, assess the situation by going through the steps in your mind, and decide if there is a tool that is necessary or would make the job go more efficiently. Sometimes you just end up running out to the hardware store during the job to pick up something.

Over time your collection will grow? And you'll need a trailer, then a bigger trailer, and eventually realize that you're only using about 10% of your tools on any given job. The rest just come along for the ride just in case.

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Over time your collection will grow? And you'll need a trailer, then a bigger trailer, and eventually realize that you're only using about 10% of your tools on any given job. The rest just come along for the ride just in case.
:clap: This is exactly what happened to me.:laughing:

Also agree you use 10% the other 90% are just in case.


Tall Moose
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Stabila LD400 and a 25' tape. The rest comes and goes depending on the job.

Like Robert and Cole though, the enclosed trailer is great for bringing everything.I've got one on order, should arrive in time for spring. Keeps you from having to do second or third trips for tools you 'forgot' when the customer suddenly expanded the scope. Saves time and money.

Nail Driving Fool
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4' level
25' tape
framing square
basic hand tools
circular saw
recip saw
4 1/2" angle grinder
cordless drill
assortment of drill bits
about 20 pounds of assorted fasteners and nails

That's it, just enough to tackle a small job that may crop up. If its more than a 30 minute project I take the trailer.


tile saw
miter saw
table saw
tile brake
tile hand tools
painting equipment
crap ton of handtools
Little Giant ladder
saw horses
halogen work lights
16 & 18 ga nail guns
framing nailer
about 150 feet of hoses
about 250 feet of extension cords
sds drill
belt sander
palm sander
random orbit sander
recip saw
circular saw
jig saw
4 1/2" grinder
Dremel multimax
1/2" spade handle drill
cordless drill
cordless impact driver
cordless recip saw
jobsite radio
broom and dustpan

That's the general list, if I went through and listed everything individual it would take 3 pages.

Also have a crap ton of ladders and scaffold that comes depending on the job.

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Here's whats on my trailer. Have a lot more tools and systainers to add to this though since i done this list

Festool Ras 115.04
Festool RO90 DX FEQ PLUS
Festool RO150 FEQ
Festool DTS400 EQ
Festool SYS-STF D 150
Festool SYS-STF Delta
Festool Sortainer 9
Festool Sys 1 First Aid
Festool Sys 1 Box (x3)
Festool SYS 1 (x4)
Festool SYS 2 (x2)
Festool SYS 3
Festool SYS 4
Festool SYS 5
Festool D36HW-RS-PLUS
Festool TS55REQ
Festool TS75EQ
Festool CMS-GE
Festool OF1400 EQ
Festool SYS-OF D8/D12
Festool FS1400/2
Festool Track Bag
Festool MFT3
Festool MFT3
Festool Kapex
Festool MFT3 Kapex
Festool Kapex UG
Festool CXS Li 1,3 set
Festool Sys 1 CE-SORT
Festool Planex LHS 225 EQ-PLUS
Festool CT36 AC
Festool CT26
Festool 495387 Blade
Festool 494607 Blade
Festool 439685 Blade
Festool 491594 (x2) Clamp
Festool 488030 Clamp
Festool QwasDogs
Festool KRS-BAG
Festool SYS-TB
Protool SYS-TB
Festool DF700EQ
Festool 498204
Festool 498205
Festool 498899
Festool PSB420ebq
Festool 497709
Festool 491501
Festool 500076
Festool 495378 Blade
Festool FS3000
Makita BDA350
Makita BGA452
Makita BML185
Makita BFS450
Makita BHR240
Makita BJR182
Makita BJV180
Makita BHP454
Makita BTD140
Makita BSS610
Makita BMR100
Makita 5377MG
Makita 9557NB
Makita RF1101
Makita GA7021
Makita HR2455
Makita 2414NB
Makita MAC2400
Makita KP0810
Makita HR4002
Makita 195236-5
Bostitch HP118K
Bostitch SX1838
Bostitch BT1855K
Bostitch LHF97125
Bostitch MiiiFS
Bostitch 43-795
Bostitch 10-501 (x2)
Dewalt DW060K
Dewalt DWD460
Dewalt D26960
Dewalt DW611
Dewalt DW092PK
Dewalt DW4773
Dewalt DW2587
Dewalt DPG82-11C
Stanley 011031s (x2pr)
Stanley 029025R (x3)
Stanley 43-609
Stanley 43-624L
Stanley 43-648
Stanley 43-672
Stanley 020800R
Stanley 014725 (x5)
Stanley 014710R (x5)
Stanley 037025H
Stanley 16-971
Stanley 12-904
Stanley 46-053
Stanley 655702
Stanley 51-021
Stanley 55-525
Stanley 55-099
Stanley 55-136
Stanley 55-526
Stanley 20-531
Stanley TR250
Stanley 14-559L
Stanley PHT350T
Stanley 62-502
Stanley 51-163
Stanley 51-165
Stanley 46-071
Stanley 45-011
Stanley 46-123
Stanley 33-726 (x2)
Stanley 10-817
Stanley 58-930
Stanley 34-812
Stabila 37170
Stabila 37120
Stabila 25120
Stabila 30196
Bosch DAF220
Bosch PB360D
Bosch DLR165
Bosch GPL2
Bosch DSB5013P
Bosch BAT618
Bosch TC21HC
Bosch HCK001
Bosch GCM12SD
Bosch GTA3800
Werner D6228-2
Werner MT-17
Werner NXT1A12
Werner NXT1A08
Werner 150B
Werner AP-20-MP6

Tajima JPR-SET
Tajima CR202B-P
Tajima TBYD-180
Tajima CNV-100
Tajima CNV-J900SP
Kreg K4MS
Kreg R3 jr
Kreg KMA2900
Kreg KTC22
Kobalt 232549
Kobalt 22399
Kobalt KH0015K
Kobalt 60363
Kobalt 52299
Kobalt 53247
Kobalt 358320
Kobalt 23734
Kobalt 2552K
Rotozip RZ20 Kit
Husky 69027
Craftsman 47712
Ridgid AC9934
Ridgid 31100
Rdigid 31010
Wobble Light WL400MH
Wobble Light WL400MH
Felker FPC19
Tub Trug Mixed sizes
Black and Decker VEC192
Wagner Paint eater
Fluke 117
Fluke Fluke62
Fluke 1AC-A1-II (x2)
Fluke C1600
Allegro 9543
Pheonix 4027342
Fast Cap 3HAND5 pair
Johnson 40-6525
Johnson 40-6700
Johnson 750
Johnson 60-275
Johnson 405
Akro Mils 10744
Sperry GFI6302
GB MSG-500
Ideal 61-534
Ideal Coax Crimp
Knipex 7110200
Knipex 989821US
Knipex 7412180
Irwin 3041006
Irwin 2078300
Irwin 394001
Irwin 546 (x3)
Irwin 2021424N
Irwin 2021436N
Estwing B3-3LB
Estwing E44A
Estwing DHF24
Bayco SL-8903
Reelcraft RT650-OLP
Work Sharp WS3000
Truper 30930
Kidde 21005779
Woodriver 144625
Lenox 30808600P
Lenox 10734
Lenox 12158
Lenox 1211416DGDS
Lenox 1211622DGDS
Lenox Multiple Hole Cutters
LiftnLock Lift
safewaze 94024
Easycoper Crown
Easycoper Molding
Pactool SA903
CMT PO8012
Collins tool Tread Template
Trend H/JIG/A
Greenlee 921
Greenlee 35713
Pony 9166 (x2)
Nicholson 22018H
Swanson SO107
Swanson TS149
Snappy SC Drill Guides
Arrow RHT300
Porter Cable PC1014
CRL Weldon 9/16"
MLCS 9160
Hitachi 728078G
Hitachi 728704
Blu-Mol 7010-657
General Tools MMD4E
Veto Pro Pac OT-XL
Harper 553130A
QEP 61205
QEP 61210
Goldblatt G15303
Zircon I700
Big Horn 19117
Smiths DBSC
Smiths DCS4
Smiths CCKS
Empire Level 932BR
Wiha 32092
Wiha 32293
Gear Wrench 93006
CH Hanson 03040 (x2)
Channel Lock GS-3
Warner 790
Malco HC1
Redhead G5-22
Remmington 479
Dasco G335
Big Horn 11763
Sunex 9704
Bahco 9029-R-US
Bahco 9031-R-US (x2)
Bahco 9071-R-US
Bahco 8231
Jetbeam BC25
Gerber 31-000758
3M 51P71

Focusing on solutions.
Hardwood floors/custom cabinets
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the resin I'm asking is because i work for a general construction company. i also do lot of work on the side and i like to keep tools with me just don't know what the best ones to carry are.
Seems like everytime I try to think through all I need, I end up forgetting something & have to make a trip back to the shop. Came to the conclusion it's just better to take the trailer everyday.

I'm a hardwood floor, cabinet guy, so I've got 3 floor sanders, buffer, 2 edgers & a scaled down version of my woodshop. Trailers stuffed to the gills.
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