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From a good source ... Post about this the other day on here ... I think!

Passport Changes June 1, 2009: Alerts its Travelers to be Aware of the New Regulations

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- June 1, 2009 -- Seven Corners wants to make all of our travelers aware of the law change for U.S. passports that went into effect on June 1st, 2009.
The major areas that will be affected are Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Bermuda as all U.S. travelers re-entering the United States will need a valid passport. This means if you go to Cancun, Mexico the last week of May on vacation, you won't need a passport to get there but you will need one to re-enter the United States if you're homeward bound on June 1st or thereafter. This applies to traveling by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda.
And, it's worth your while to go ahead and get a passport. If you attempt to re-enter without the adequate documentation you will have to go through the U.S. Embassy to process a passport, which could take weeks. You will not be able to enter the United States until the issue is resolved. Travelers of all ages are required to have a passport.
If you haven't already gotten your passport and you're considering summer vacation in any of the above mentioned areas - start now and you can travel worry-free.
For detailed passport regulations and answers to questions we suggest going to the United States Department of State website to the passport area. The link to that area is provided below for your convenience.

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