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What if anything are you guys doing to heat or partially heat your trailers. I have a 7x14 v-nose (un-insulated) that I leave on job sites. It is wired for 110 hook-up and I normally only plug it in when its dark out for the lights or when I need to charge batteries, make coffee, heat lunch in the microwave and what not. I am thinking of leaving the trailer plugged in and running a small electric heater inside (its :censored: cold up here right now) to keep everything from freezing up and leaving it on all night.

Does anyone else do this or have any ideas for heating. I am a little nervous about fires. Any input is appreciated.


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We never leave the trailer at the site. It comes home every night. But this time of year all freezables go into a large plastic tool box that comes into the shop at night, along with anything else that is temp sensitive.

For heat..... I start up the morning with throwing the bullet heater (300,000 btu) on for about 30 min in the trailer (24ft) before everyone gets in. That gets everything in the trailer warmed up in a hurry. By the time it gets to the job site I switch it over to a propane heater (less fumes and 75,000 btu) and with it set at about 25% it keeps everything toasty even down to a brisk 20 below. Any colder than that and I have to kick it up a pretty good bit.

As far as heating the trailer over night with a temp heat source..... I would NEVER do that.

I have been toying with the idea of installing an RV forced air heat system. It would produce a much dryer heat than what is currently being used.
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