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Money Changer
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We tried Service Magic for a month as I had told the rep. that I would do. We were able to land about 25% of the electrical leads. The jobs were all service call types of jobs. The customers with larger projects were just tire kickers and never heard from again. You can tell as soon as they open their mouths. If all we had to depend on were Service Magic leads, we would be out of business. Also, we had the same lead sent to us twice, (1 by the husband and 1 by the wife), and they still would not replace the lead or give us a credit. That was the last straw.
The representative for SM, I think his name was Dave, was not honest when he tried to sign us up. He told me that leads would range from $9 to $50 based on the type of lead request. The lead minimum was $13. He also never told us about the $99 sign up fee until we were going thru the telephone sign-up. That sent up a red flag and if I had listened to my gut, I would have questioned that right away or stopped the sign up process immediately, but I figured I was that far into it, so we might as well try it.
Of course, anytime someone is not completely honest with you, there has to be an underlying reason.
The money spent with them has been a good lesson learned with lead services.
I would not recommend them. They are dishonest in their dealings with contractors, case closed.
And now this post here.

What would that lesson be then? :blink:
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