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Please advsie: My toilet has a leek and small drips are going downstairs to y dining room. What do you think it probably is the wax seal or somebody told me something about a bent this the correct saying?
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You will need to investigate the leak first by looking at the toilet around the top of the bowl towards the tank . There are two bolts that attach the tank to the bowl, look in the area for any signs of leakage or maybe if you are fortunate enough to even see a drip. If none are apparent the toilet will need to come up and the wax ring replaced.

Be Gentle and Good Luck
Thanks for the Reply.....

There isn't any water marks or any water dripping from the side of it.
The dripping is going from inside to down staris. Small little drips i hear. I have not lifted it up yet.

Have you heard of lead bent or something like that?
Do you notice any signs of water or staining on the ceiling of lower room ?
Or is it just an audible problem while the toilet is not in use that you are experiencing ?
Buddy BE VERY CAREFUL lead bends are a real pain, if your home is that old don not even attempt to repair the problem as you will only cause more damange.
My granddad use to install this things , as they have to be crafted to the need.
If you still have one and it is leaking, you have a problem. Get ready to remove either the cieling or the bathroom floor for replacement.
Most lead bends are 4" lead short sweeps, this size is quite hard to replace with any materails today as they were designed in place.

Good Luck

sounds like you don,t the experiance for this one best to bring in a plumber it just might save the marriage good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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