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Today is trending negatively

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8am - Sold a job
9am - Lost a job
10am - Got stood up

So what do you think happens at my 1pm? Is there a way I can somehow end up paying them?
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Yeah, I should probably pack it in early and hit the bar. If we keep going down the slope like this my last two items are going to be injury and death.

Actually this afternoon should be... I don't know. A good friend of my father-in-law passed away recently, leaving his widow with his full woodshop. She's been having friends and family come over and buy his stuff.
My father-in-law asked if I would be interested in taking a look. I said of course because I think at the very least it will be a good excuse to spend some time in his buddy's shop and shoot the breeze about various projects they did and such.
I wish I had more square footage. I know he's got some great machinery in there that I have no ability to house.
You can never have to much space . That's how you get the good stuff when a wife is selling the husband tools . Sad part is when guy pass on .
Yeah. Wish I had the room for an occasion such as this. Think it'd go unnoticed if I replaced the kitchen table with a band saw?
Just make sure it's covered with a pretty tablecloth!
Yeah, I should probably pack it in early and hit the bar. If we keep going down the slope like this my last two items are going to be injury and death....
nice knowin' ya..;)
Today picked up.

Made contact with my appointment I thought had stood me up. Just kind of lost track of time and forgot about me. We met up and I got the job. All good.

The tool shopping thing was something else though. That guy had so many tools covering so many disciplines of craftsmanship that I don't even know how he had a career. Band saws, wood and metal lathes, drum sanders, dust collection, radial arm and mitre saws, the works. That was all leftover after the two sons took what they wanted too!
Miles and miles of clamps, hand saws, router bits, drill bits, jigs, mechanics tools, welders, sandpaper, fasteners for days. For being a twice picked over room, it was still quite a haul.
I grabbed a couple pull saws, a 1/2 drill, 50' 12/3 extension cord, couple hammers, set of countersinks, some magnetic strips, and some more loot for an even hundred.
I basically ended up haggling with myself though because she asked me to make her a fair offer. Unfortunately when people do that I'm the type that will sooner rip myself off than have them feel jilted.
We both did well. Wish I had room for all those Pony's though.
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Just be sure to mention this day when the next dumbarse homeowner want's to know your hourly rate....then get's that look in their eyes when they compare it to their full time job rate as an employee....where the owner pays all the other costs of having them go through the motions by the hour..... :D
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