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I have done some work on a HO's house, mostly R&R doors and windows, that kind of thing. Anyways the HO has 3/8 masonite siding over intermediate sheeting (that brown fiber board that is despisedly dirty). I am slated to side over the aforementioned siding with beveled cedar at some point in the future (most likely this spring), and where I have replaced door and windows I have papered the area (along with proper flashing) so it will be ready to rock and roll in the spring.

The question I have is whether I will be creating a condensation point inside the wall by papering over the masonite as I am unsure if that fiber board acts like a vapor/moisture barrier on its own. I am inclined to paper it as that masonite sheet siding is pretty crappy stuff and the more moisture I can keep away from it the better. But perhaps I am wrong...

If I has my druthers I would strip the sucker down to the studs and re sheet it with 1/2 ply, but the HO is not really down with that...
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