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Obtaining more education is never a bad thing, and always has a positive, even if it is not directly connected with your field. I have a M.Ed. in Adult Ed, and that has about as much relevance to what I do as picking cotton, but I would not trade my degrees for anything.

And..the idea that a professor is simply wishing to impose an opinion or bias is is human nature to do so. Einstein was noted for this....but the ability to think for yourself is what you get from any "bias" in a method you were taught.

Anyone can find exceptions to the college/success or no college and success, but the fact remains, across the population, a degree gives you more earning power.

Rush Limbaugh, on an unrelated topic, was discussing income....what people want to make vs. what they can make. His contention was that if you want to make 250k a year, then you would need to be "exceptional"...or far above the average. This contention is correct. Some guys can knock down an income like that on dumb luck, but in reality and most cases, an individual must have the talent that separates him from the average to make an exception amount of income.

I tend to put a lot of stock in what makes us tick....after all, followers do not lead and leaders do not follow, but all the tools you can obtain, like a degree or technical training will never be a waste.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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