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To College Degree or Not to College Degree - That is the question

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I couldn't state it any better than this guy.

I took a few college courses in the military with the idea I might try to get a degree. Very quickly I got the impression that the point of the classes was learning the professor's opinion on things rather than any real knowledge. Not just the professors I had, it seemed like the entire exercise of college. I decided against it and today I own my own company and do quite well. Some careers need a college education. Most do not. Just go out and do it. It's the best teacher.

My thoughts:
Being an expert at something can be an individually learned thing or a collectively learned thing. In a FREE nation - YOU CHOOSE!!:thumbsup::clap:
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hey Bob i hate to bust your bubble, but i would venture a bet that there is no shortage of "artsy fartsy" people livin' way better than you. as far as the OP IMHO, like any thing else; you get out of it what you put into it! I've been building for a living for well over 20 years, no regrets! During that time I've gone to college on two occasions (fire fighter / physical therapist). Ultimately though I never recieved a degreee in either of the chosen fields, i did however learn a hell of a lot of new things that today and every day i use to help make me a better person and look at life in a more positive view. People are so quick to say "a degree gives you more power" when in reality its' KNOWLEDGE that gives you power, and if nothing else piece of mind in a world of mindless people. PS Bob the only reason i busted your chops was the fact that i myself would love nothing better than to make a living doing art for the rest of my career.
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