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I'll only hire non-college folk. I went to college to get a degree because it got me into a higher paying job. Did I need anything from that learning for that job? Nope but it was a requirement to get it. Here is some good info for those of you thinking of going the government route for jobs:

Attend classes and rack up some credits. Do NOT get a degree. Get some experience in the area of interest you're wanting to work. Between the 2 you can get your job and then you get your degree after you get hired. You just did a self improvement and you skip levels on promotion. You get a bonus on top of that.

Also, the government will pay for 99 percent of your education needs if you can prove it'll help you in your job function. ANYONE on this board with a college degree can find a good paying job in the government right now. Of course, their rules are hard to play by but if you're clean, you're hireable.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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