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Tis the season:

Every year at this time, we, as a company:

- Send out Greeting Cards to all past Clients, and current Clients. This includes Home Owners, Businesses, Suppliers, Sales Reps, Large Companies that we have bid work with, Others that we network with, etc, etc.

- Pack up gifts and hand deliver them. This is open to what you want to give, or what is "appropriate" to give. We like to give "Liquor gift boxes" to most of the "guys" listed in the point before this. This is something that you would need to be cautious with, as some individuals do not drink, for one reason or another.
We send out cards to past customers, (we would go broke sending them all gifts.)

We send out cards to suppliers, subs (aren't your suppliers and subs supposed to be sending you liquor gift boxes, not the other way around)
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