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MJW bundle stacking is spot on and will definately increase production since the shingels are always within an arms length at all stages of the roof....having a guy feed shingles works wonders too LOL!!

All cuts done on the least the starting side weather it be left or right, then we just cut the end shingle when we get there, 50/50 split for cutting last shingle or overhang and snap a line to cut-seems to always pan out the same timewise for us.

IMO fastest way to lay 3 tabs when you have 3 or more guys with guns is straight up with the fastest guy on the end...when he reaches the peak your crew slides over and continues up..kind of a pita since you have to lift and blind nail but is stupidly fast going up the roof.

I personally like working right to left since I am right handed...never have to fight your air hose getting in the way and is just more fluid IMO.

I'm not the fastest roofer by any means, I hire out for that, in fact it took us 3 hours to get 6 square on the front of a house we tore off yesterday LOL, but we had all the ridge vetn to cut in and cap also, and I made damn sure my nails hit the mark in the factory sweet spot so we did'nt blow through/crack shingles and have problems later....could've gone MUCH faster like most guys and just drug the gun across the shingle and where ever the nail hit, it hit....but I lose money on call backs so an hour or 2 extra initally will save time/money in the big picture.

Be patient, you will get better with time-just watch how the veterans do it and learn from them, but still not a job I like to friggin knees/back/feet are killing me LMAO!!! I sold 4 other roofs that I would personally do..but after yesterday/today I will sub them. I like money, but I like NOT feeling like azz alot better:w00t: :laughing:
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