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Tin Ceiling Source and Tips Needed

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It looks like I will be installing about 600 s.f. of 2x2 tin ceiling in a Victorian. Are there vendors that are great to buy from or vendors to stay away from?

Also, if you have photos or tips, I have not done much of this.


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VanDykes has a decent selection.

They seem to all be expensive.

What will the finish be?

Just have to make sure you start square. I bet the room wont be.
Bass - I've only done 2 (can't remember the vendors, but they were not the same).

Like Warner said, start square, if the panels interconnect - double and triple check before nailing off. Wear gloves, too.

Usually the perimeter is finished with a crown molding of sorts, any idea if it is wood or tin to match?
Try outwater plastics. They have a pretty big selection and also offer accessories like cornice and cone head nails.
Its been about 15 years since I did any tin ceiling. I used a source out of Quebec at the time that also sold stair railings, etc.

There are some 2x2 panels that are one big panel, then their are some that have 4- 1' squares on them, and some with a 6" square pattern.

You'll have to see how, in the case of the "one big panel" - how many you can put across the room without cutting. Same goes for the other patterns, but, you can cut them down the seam which obviously gives you a lot more room to play, especially with the 6" pattern.

I always used a pebbled "filler" sheet around the perimeter along with a tin cornice moulding.

I know there is a company in the States - "Norman" something - they used to have all the old dies and could make some pretty amazing stuff - it was just very expensive.

Finally, I think someone mentioned nails - make sure to get the ones made for tin ceilings.
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Probably won't tell you anything you don't know, but here's a link:,,1564491,00.html

If you'd like pictures of a circa 1900 install, I can post those. I've only restored tin ceilings, not done an install from scratch. Do you have to be period correct and does it have to be tin or copper or?
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