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Time to Tarp Roof

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Hello All,

I was approached today by an insurance company to tarp a storm damaged roof, being that I deal with foreclosed properties on a daily basis for banks, I agreed to accept this small job. After speaking with the adjuster, it was determined that he wanted an estimate in hours to tarp a 1000 sqft area of damaged roof. Needless to say, I was surprised at this since everything in my world has been done using sqft. My question to the forum is can anyone tell me what the answer might be? To tarp a 1000 sqft roof area, 1 story, no drastic pitch or anything, how long would that take in hours? I will be using blue poly tarp, furring strips, etc. I appreciate any input the forum might have.
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I'd say about tree fidy....

3.50 is the going rate here per sq foot it is also the amount given per hour.

So either way it's $3.50
Copy That but what I really need to know is what the average time is to tarp the 1000 sqft of roof area. 2 hours, 4 perhaps.
3 hours 50 mins.
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mmm sounds like tree fidy
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