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how long before you returned to work

  • I never stop working!

    Votes: 7 18.9%
  • Took off the 2 days for the hospital stay

    Votes: 12 32.4%
  • Back to work in 1 week

    Votes: 8 21.6%
  • 1 to 2 weeks off

    Votes: 8 21.6%
  • More then 2 weeks off.

    Votes: 2 5.4%

time off after newborn

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We just had our first addition to our family, Julianna Marie, on wed. 12/30/09!!! she weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and stretches 19.5 inches. she is beautiful even though she looks more like the mail man than me :jester:

it's been a full time job for the both of us so far and sleep is short... we are all exausted and trying to get efficient at caring for her. Jess has off for another 8 weeks and my up coming jobs are cool with me starting whenever. obviously we need to work to pay the bills, but i don't feel comfortable leaving them alone yet

so any experiance will be welcomed


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College is only 18 years away, forget the time off - get back out and start making money. :laughing:

P.S. Congrats on the addition! :thumbup:
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College is only 18 years away, forget the time off - get back out and start making money. :laughing:

P.S. Congrats on the addition! :thumbup:
someone told me drug rehab comes before college :blink:
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Congrats, i took the first few weeks off, then went back to work, my first born in aug 02 and the second in aug 05, the first few weeks is good bonding before you give her to day care:cry::laughing:

my wife took the first year off with each child, but today that would be mucher tougher so id be the one taking a year off and playing mr mom:thumbup:
I'm not qualified to address this question...Try Dr Phil....:w00t:
someone told me drug rehab comes before college :blink:

Rehab is for the parents:whistling

but i would include a newborn into my overhead expenses,:thumbsup:
First off Congrats - play it by ear is my only suggestion & be prepared for some sleepless nights

Enjoy as much time with them as you can, the little one will grow way too fast.

You really have to keep an eye on them, one day they can't even roll over on their day they are falling off the bicycle, and coming in with scraped up knees. At least it seems that way!

When my little one was born, I was able to take a day here or there, do a short day now and then. Take as much time as you can without jeopardizing work.
1st 2 weeks is the toughest as a new routine is being put in place. Sleepless nights will be the norm. Take as much time as you can and still pay the bills. You'll never get this family time back.

BTW, congrats on the new addition. I didn't see here toolbelt in any of the photo's. You did get her a toolbelt for her birthday -- right? :laughing:
Time off? WTF, over? Who's making the money to keep momma happy?
That's a beautiful baby World! Congrats on the new addition. My first son was born 3 days after I started my first job in my own business, so I was back to work the next day. :sad: My wife took the first year off. Many sleepless nights for both of us.:cry: The first year is kind of a blur, but I still have many vivid memories. Don't forget to record as much of these moments as possible. :thumbsup:
Congrats man. My wife's been talking babys so might have one me self soon. I got a lot to learn about them lol
Congratulations, wishing you and yours all good things for the new year.:thumbup:
someone told me drug rehab comes before college :blink:
:clap:Thats funny:thumbsup: Congratulations on your baby girl:clap:
congratulations PAPA:clap:
just remember you can alway work another day:thumbup:
Take as much time as possible, this is a very special time that you can never get back. there will always be jobs to do, she will only be a newborn once.
I regret not taking more time off when my little one was born in 06.
Plus a new mom can always use some help getting into the new routine.
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I only took 1 day off after both my kids were born. My first one spent 1 week in NICU. I worked during the day and was at the hospital at night. 1 hr drive each way. My wife stayed with friends who lived near the hospital and they drove her there in the morning and I drove her back there at night.

Luckily, my mother-in-law lives close by and is a great help. She helped my wife with things to get her adjusted. I had no worries. If you do not have that kind of support, then you may need to stay home and help your wife. It can be very stressful. The first ones are hard because it is a total life adjustment.
First and most important: CONGRATULATIONS you have a beautiful new baby!

As for the time off, take as much time as you possibly can. I can tell you from recent and past experience that customers are delighted to hear about new babies and will give you quite a bit of leeway. The time you spend with your child now is irreplaceable. Of course, you can say that about any time spent with your children.

We just had our third on 12/14 and I have not really gone back to work yet. A couple of days here and there amidst the holidays has been all I have been able to put together. When I do get to the jobs, the clients only want to talk about the new baby!

Have fun, nap whenever possible and thank God you have a healthy baby!
Your life will no longer be the same.

You will feel like you have a REAL perpose in life and every thing else really isn't that important.

Congrats man mine turns 4 in march.

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