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My foreman finally got called out on his time card:clap:
He's notorious for driving around and not being on site...He used to be my best friend, but when he moved up the power went to his head.

We worked side by side for years, then I got bitter doing the bulk of the work while he was gone, and eventually had a falling out....

So, he gets called to the office today (supposedly to discuss details)...when he came back he called a meeting with me and the other guy.

Apparently, someone in the 'office' witnessed him coming and going, and finally the PM called him on it....(me and the other guy snickered to ourselves)...while he's being serious rationalizing everything and warning us about tighter restrictions, we're doing fist imaginary fist bumps.:laughing:

I've been waiting for this for years:clap:

With our new ownership and economy, time card infractions are monitored with more focus....generally speaking, the formen yell at the crew for being late, yet, no one accounts for the crew leader's time and they are the worst!.....hahaha..
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