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Tile on stairs

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From time to time a topic about how to do tile on stairs comes up. Recently a guy wanted to know about how rough the tile should be or what type of edging to use, etc.

I usually reply about the Crossville Crosstread finish on tile to use.

Today I was in a building and they had tiled staircases with a Crossville 12x12 tile (one of them was burgundy smoke I believe) with something more than the crosstread surface.

These tile had some good sized knobs on one end, and that end was also bullnosed.

Of course these are just the ticket for a staircase.

The treads must have been about 14" because there was a full bullnosed 12x12, then about a 2" strip.

Anyway, hopefully anyone doing a search about tiled stairs will pull this up and they can get these tile from Crossville.
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