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Chris of Tile Excellence. I just wanted to introduce myself. I have never joined a blog, barely have time to write on my own company blog. My marketing person told me this was a great site.

I'm from the south-Georgia-and I've been laying tile for over 30 years. I learned masonry from building free standing stone walls with my grandfather. I learned the value of a hard day's work, and i was grateful I could work at something that would speak long after I was gone. I was also grateful later on that I had such skills so I could make a living when others struggled in tough times. I can't tell you how many grateful masons I put to work during the 80's in Atlanta during the Olympic preparations-I literally tiled every floor in many of their hotels.

I believe in hard work. I believe in honesty and quality, and I like to help people as much as possible. I am the most reasonably priced tile installer North of Boston, and that's because I don't have much overhead and I do all the work myself. But I've had both hips replaced, and my knees are in rough shape. My elderly parents need help in FL, and I thought about semi-retirement, maybe repairing pool tile. It's good money and easy work, but I found you can't repair the tile in pools in FL without a license. I could continue working here in MA for several more years-I actually move through work like crazy,as well as I did when I was much younger, but trying to keep options open. I don't like the direction small businesses, esp. skilled labor is going in terms of technology and the unethical practices I've seen in the last couple of years. Maybe I'm just getting old. I could do something else though if I made decent money. I've had some ideas suggested lately and I'm not saying "no" I'm thinking.

My tech driven fiance wants me to consider the worth of the website based on traffic alone-over 200 a day average-and talked about selling the site/business or keep it and hire affiliates to advertise. I'm not sure yet. I'd like to walk away from a business I've give most of my life to with more than a battered body. I's love to just write on the blog-make how to's and answer consumer questions, esp. my international visitors-huge numbers, and let the site pay me through advertisers or affiliates, but I know nothing about it at all. Or if the value of my website and reputation, a rich tile store will offer me a chunk sum with residuals and I can make beautiful poolside and lawn tile art in the sun. I've had offers, just wasn't a thought at the time. Hey, I'm getting pretty good at selling collectibles on e-bay. Another PT job.

Didn't know i had so much to say. Guess getting to know me a little may help you share your thoughts and experiences. I'm always available for any advice you guys/gals may need. I guess if anyone would understand some of the thinking I shared, I will find it here. Other guys like me retire, right?? :jester: I have time. No rush, but time to think about it. Love to hear your thoughts. I hope I can help you too. Thanks.
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