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Three level house boiler system

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I'm working on a three level home. It is a two zone system. One side of the home is on one zone and the other side is on the other. Here is my problem.

It is heating well and water is coming out of all radiators downstairs and main level. Barely any heat is coming from the upstairs radiators and no water is coming out when I bleed. There is air that comes out but then nothing comes out after awhile.

I believe there is a lack of water in the system. I have traced the water intake from the boiler and there is a pipe going to the hot water tank. I ensured both valves were open on the line but nothing.

The pressure gauge is at zero when it should be between 35 and 40. Which I believe is from the lack of water in the system.

If this is indeed a water shortage problem how can I add water to the system?

I can provide more info if required and pictures. I would really like to get this one fixed asap.

Thanks for any help, well appreciated.
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Looks like you system is low on pressure. look for a filling loop to bring the system upto pressure. sounds like you just need to top it back up then vent the air then refil again back to pressure once you have bleed the rads.

It should be a pipe that connects the mains water to the heating system pipeing. Might look something like this
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