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I've never been a small fish in a big market, but here I come Austin :eek:

What are your thoughts on how clients remember catchy phone numbers, such as call Paul at 555-Paul? Would seem to be better if the number had a keyword, like "remodel" or "tile" or something to link what the potential client wants and what you can deliver.

I found a number with my last name in it-seems easy enough, 93"abcde", but then again not many people know my name :whistling yet....

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I think numbers like that have limited value unless you're plastering the airwaves with one of those little jingles that gets stuck in your head and corrodes your soul for weeks at a time.

And from a customer POV, I detest having to get out my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring to figure out the actual numbers.

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:whistling You'll be remembered and when you answer the phone you won't get asked "where the hell you from?" as much :laughing:

"Keep it weird"
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