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Thoughts on Business/Marketing Consulting

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What are your thoughts on paying a consultant business/marketing advice? What areas are most needed for a consultant? What part of your business could a consultant help with?

I feel like they have a place but with so much free information, I don't know if the time saved is worth the money traded. OTOH, I've never tried it so maybe they provide enough value that they actually pay you to work. Ex: If a consultant could provide $100,000 in sales for $10,000 then it's a no brainer.

Your thoughts:
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Hiring a consultant is just a form of outsourcing. If you are competent and have time then do it yourself. Most contractors, including myself, don't have the time or the inclination to handle marketing well. So, I contract it out. If I wasn't busy I might do it myself but my time is better spent on operations, personally. Bottom line is that it is an individual situation play. If you do outsource though, don't do it on the cheap (see comment on Small Business Development Council). Get the right person that knows what they are doing.
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