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Thoughts on Business/Marketing Consulting

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What are your thoughts on paying a consultant business/marketing advice? What areas are most needed for a consultant? What part of your business could a consultant help with?

I feel like they have a place but with so much free information, I don't know if the time saved is worth the money traded. OTOH, I've never tried it so maybe they provide enough value that they actually pay you to work. Ex: If a consultant could provide $100,000 in sales for $10,000 then it's a no brainer.

Your thoughts:
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I've heard a lot about consulting and my first reaction is 'no way, do it yourself'. But then I kinda get the voice in the back of my head that says, we tell clients 'don't do it yourself, get a professional' and then we do the opposite.

I prefer the business strategy/marketing/tactics aspect of my business way more than the actual work on my business (that's not a indication of quality, just my personal preference) . So I'd be hard pressed to hire out that sort of consulting. But I'm sure there are accounting consultants or hr consultants that could be a huge resource and help in areas that I don't have a desire to learn more about but know are important.

I guess a better way to word my question is.... would you consider a consultant and for what reason? Can you imagine that hiring a "pro" could be as beneficial to our businesses as we are to our clients homes?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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