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Thoughts and tips on setup

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I own a evergreen tree farm and landscape business and this upcoming spring I am going to get into the mulch business, selling bulk mulch. I have a bobcat t180 with 1 yard bucket that is capable of loading most small trucks and trailers (which is what I will mainly be loading). My problem is that some of the larger 10 wheels are giving me some concern. I have loaded them before but it is a slow process and the t180 is just a little bit short in its reach. I don't think that I will be loading many big trucks but I don't want to discourage them from buying from me because of a slow load time. That being said here is my question: To avoid buying another tractor for loading big trucks do you think its plausible to build a ramp out of fill material with a level pad at the top, probably 4-6 feet high where the trucks could pull up parallel with the pile and just quickly load them? in my head this makes a lot of sense, even if I am 10 yards away from the pile to be able to avoid creeping up and attempting to feather the load into the truck without hitting it. I think that for the small amount of big trucks (if any) I would be loading it would help save time and money if I don't have to buy another tractor.
Many people on here are used to going to places to pick up bulk materials and any comments on setups that you have seen would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your thoughts, Aaron
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Yes. Build a ramp.
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Okay thanks. I have some big concrete slabs laying around so I think that I can use those as a retaining wall.
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