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Thistle Bonding Coat?

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Hey guys i thought one of you could help me. I used to use a product by british gypsum called Thistle Bonding and it was a great product to fill deep holes with before plastering walls or doing a finish coat on a wall and when mixed with a tiny bit of dust(cement) it would go of in about 5 mins and would be ready to do the final coat. Im having a problem finding a similer product in the US. Does anyone have any recomendations of the same stuff or very similer?

Another thing you guys may have heard of is a thing called Unibond. It's a PVA Adhesive System for Plastering & Rendering and as far as i know it's a mixture of watered down PVA and you brush it on surafce before you do anything like paint, tile, plaster and so on and it give you a greater adhesion to any surface weather it be dusty, porus or dry and smooth. ANyone have any idea of something similer here.

cheers :thumbsup:
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Isn't this the same as Durabond? And the other stuff sounds like Plaster Weld.?
Isn't this the same as Durabond? And the other stuff sounds like Plaster Weld.?

Thanks for the reply Tim and it may well be that stuff. Im finding it hard ajusting to the different product names. I basicly want a good product for filling holes in wall before plastering(quick set) and then a finish product to get a good smooth finish on a wall after patching with drywall.(maybe a 60 min set) I can get around the Unibonder if i can find it by just watering down internal wood glue. I heard that it's all it is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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