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This Ought to Make you Smile

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This clip of Emily Monforto tossing away a baseball like an old Tastykake wrapper during Tuesday's game against Washington is currently sweeping the Internet and broadcast world. (Not to mention inspiring at least 842,345 "hey, she's just training for the day she starts throwing Duracells" and "maybe mom is a Cubs fan" jokes.)

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It's a cute video of a little girl throwing back a foul ball her father had just caught.

I hope those of you who clicked the link enjoyed it.
For those that didn't click the link...

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Thats funny:laughing: I like the look on the dads face:laughing:

I was watching the game when that happened. I wanna know if the ball hit someone below. They didn't show where the ball went.
I crack up every time I see it. :laughing:
You should have a kid....a constant source of entertainment :thumbsup:
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