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I found that site last year and it gave me an idea. I went to my son, who was 7, now 8 and told him, if he wanted a treehouse, he had to draw it up for us to build. He asked what it could have on it and I told him ANYTHING!:blink: It was a BIG mistake because you wouldn't believe the imagination of an 8 year old!

Oh well, live and learn. We have just drilled the holes and poured the 'crete for the supports and did a rough frame for the deck/floor. I'll take some pictures and add to it as we go along.

He wants a porch/deck (elevated), 3 doors, 7 windows, an excape hatch in the floor, a skylight, a slide down pole for emergencies, an elevator, a TURRET with periscope to keep an eye out for girls! I'm sure there will be change orders coming, daily, as we attempt to do this. I'm pretty sure he mentioned a slide, climbing net and a trestle leading from the t-house to the swing set too.

He tossed the turret in only because of my background on tanks, I think and because he knows, I'll get more involved if it has to do with Army stuff. Sly little crud!:thumbup:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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