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Thinking of pest control in The greater NYC area

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Right now im working for a boiler cleaning and trash compactor company and im tired of his circus ride..basically company is run badly with poor customer service..Before i moved back from atlanta i was thinking of starting a pest control service..

Time is comming that im thinking again..Basically i have a truck, very little know how so i need help to go in the right direction..

Id like to do this without going to school..Just self teaching if thats possible.

I know its pretty vague but i want all sorts of insight here..

Comming from plant maintenance and production machine repars, plc programming i dont see much in the way of work for me in the city..

And most pest control guys i see are always busy
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Thinking of Pest Control in NYC

Might look for a local pest company to work for to obtain your commercial pest license. Its not a field that you can just go into business for yourself. Obtain your state license and work in the field for several years get your feet wet its not for everybody. I have worked in the pest control field for 28 years and love it but have seen many come and go. Like anything alot has to do with company you work for and there training program. As far as school goes you will be training from now on keeping up with the ever changing field.
Ok once you worked in the field for 5-10 years and you want to start your pest business check with NYC pest regulation state as pest business license are only obtained with certain insurance requirements and other state regulations. Good Luck
re Thinking of pest control in The greater NYC area

To just start a pest control company with no training is not a good idea at all and its bound to get you in trouble. There are many rules and regulations held by your state on what needs to be done to stay in compliance. Particularly in NYC there is a NYC DEC report. I would definitely agree with the previous post and work for a local pest control company first to get training and if you still want to start a company of your own in a few years to do so then.

Good Luck!
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