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Thinking of making a life change!

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I have owned a contruction company for 15 years now. And am now starting to get a little burnt out. Dont get me wrong. I love building but I miss the days when it was just me and my old van full of tools. Having employees and all the paoperwork, etc etc is starting to become a bore. I do all my own estimates, bookeeping, payroll. Most days I am only at the jobsite for a hour or so and off I must go.
I was offered a head of maintence job today. Pay is 48k a year with full beni package. 48k a year up here in northern maine is considered really good money. So I am tempted. Sell the buisness and take on the job. Of course I would be making alot less money but not as many headaces. And I was thing if I took this job I could open up a shop were I could build and sell things like picknic tables, sheds small decks, stairs, well houses and so on. I know of a building i can rent for 250 a month. nothing fancy but its big with a large over head door, would be perfect for what I want it for.
Am I stupid for even considering making this life change. I mean alot of people would love to own a successful contruction company. but for me its just not like it use to be. Its becoming "work" I just dont love it the way i use to. Any thoughts would be great, thanks guys!! :thumbsup:
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Its a hard desicion, probley the hardest I have ever had to make. I'm still young enough were I could take this job and put in 15 years or so and have a decent retirement. As for the job it sounds like a good one. I'll be able to run the dept. my way, i'll have 6 full time guys under me. Some part-timers in the summer also. Great benefits, decent pay. The last year or so I have been slammin money on all my loans. Paid off my house, wifes car, equipment loan etc. Really the only large bill I have right now is my pickup which is 500 a month. So even though I will be making less money I will not struggle! My wife has a great job also. I told the guy I needed a few weeks to think about it. He said to take my time, no hurry. the current person doing the job is getting done this fall. So at least I have plenty of time to decide. I might see if i can go there for a few days and see what I think, im sure they would let me do that.

All of your comments are helpful, keep them coming. I value the thoughts of fellow contractors, thanks again!!!!
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The job offered was a head of maint. dept for a housing complex. I am unsure of how many apartments there are but I would guess somewhere around 100. This is a state job with state benies. And that is why I am considering it so much. Some people have said i will miss the money I currently make off the company. Well I built this company from nothing. And when I say nothing I mean that. I had started with an old van. And charged about $1000 worth of craftsman power tools at sears to get started. I have grown slowly over the years, but it has worked out very well for me. currently have 4 vans all setup. And of course lg.inclosed trailer for the big jobs. Plus I have my van setup and my pickup. We have 1 dumptruck, couple beater work trucks, and so many tools. Its amazing how many tools we get over the years. The salary I will be getting is more than enough for me to live very well. Plus we also own 4 rental units that bring in a little extra income. If I did get out of it I would sell most of the stuff and only keep my personal old van, my pickup and a couple sets of tools. Only thing is now I go on 3 vacations a year. new years eve in vegas. vegas in july and usally a cruise in sept or oct. If I take that job I will not be able to do so many trips every year. So that is a downfall. Wow what alot to think about. I'm leaving for my july vacation on the 10th. Maybe being away for a couple weeks will let me clear my head and start to think of what I want.
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