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Thinking of making a life change!

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I have owned a contruction company for 15 years now. And am now starting to get a little burnt out. Dont get me wrong. I love building but I miss the days when it was just me and my old van full of tools. Having employees and all the paoperwork, etc etc is starting to become a bore. I do all my own estimates, bookeeping, payroll. Most days I am only at the jobsite for a hour or so and off I must go.
I was offered a head of maintence job today. Pay is 48k a year with full beni package. 48k a year up here in northern maine is considered really good money. So I am tempted. Sell the buisness and take on the job. Of course I would be making alot less money but not as many headaces. And I was thing if I took this job I could open up a shop were I could build and sell things like picknic tables, sheds small decks, stairs, well houses and so on. I know of a building i can rent for 250 a month. nothing fancy but its big with a large over head door, would be perfect for what I want it for.
Am I stupid for even considering making this life change. I mean alot of people would love to own a successful contruction company. but for me its just not like it use to be. Its becoming "work" I just dont love it the way i use to. Any thoughts would be great, thanks guys!! :thumbsup:
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if you are over fifty I'd say take the job and benefits. time is the most precious thing you have and it can never be regained so spend as much of it as you can on yourself and your family!

my father always said "it's not important what you do during the week, but what you do on week-ends."

now you can make furniture, bird houses, dog houses, wind whirlygigs, carve mantles, totem poles, clocks and decoy ducks, invent a tile stretcher or stretch out on a hammock.

toss a line, catch some crabs, learn to cook, read a book, or volunteer to build homes for the homeless. teach at night, build a hot-rod, play guitar, grow string beans.

the young bucks on this board will not understand this...but they will.
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