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Things starting to look better

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Over the last week I've picked up plans for a sewer connection, 3 new septic systems on old houses that sold & 2 grading jobs. That's more estimates than I gave in August.

Also got a call from a guy whose septic failed after 3 years. Test hole showed that septic system was put on top of ledge. I smell a lawsuit. His engineer is going to start on the design soon.

Hopefully this is a sign that houses are starting to sell in my area. Could just be people trying to get things done before winter. Either way it's time to get working on bids.
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I've never bid so much in my life. I am bidding on jobs that nobody else will touch. I have a septic system to bid on where I need to install a 12' deep manhold as a dosing tank that is near a lake. Also am bidding on a sewer main tap that is 3/4 of the way across a state road. We are pretty slow around here. We used to depend mainly on a new home construction, but there are none of them out there.
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