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I have some very strick rules about what ads can and can't be displayed on this website. I don't want flashing banners that say "you won!!!" or "You have a virus".

So basically, if there are no ads avalible to display that meet my standards it displays a blue box in its place.

Not the best solution, I know but its all we got for now.

Maybe the solution should be the with readers to moniter the content and to be able to choose if the banners ( pop up's ).
A khile back my computer guy after I showed alot of frustration towards the annoying sales ads. he told me to delete the current blockers as they really just don't work, And to go to this website and download a free one that he puts on just about everyone's machine that he sees and it's free and easily managed. I'm happy with it you really out to at least try it out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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