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Thermally Modified Wood Live test results

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Some of you there were interested in how well our TMW handled heavy traffic in a show home. Over a 17 day period we had 115,000 people walk through the home and on the deck. the area for walking on the deck was roped off so pretty much everyone had to walk the same path. As our wood is SYP we were concerned about how well the wood would stand up to the heavy traffic. The deck in past years has been cedar or composites. The cedar had apparently taken a real beating. We are happy to say that the wood held up far better than we had ever expected. There was virtually no wear down or damage. There was some on the edges of step coming down the outside stairs of the house but that was more to do with how the steps were installed than anything else. The deck oil did not stand up nearly as well, it did it's job but tended to get dirty from all the foot traffic. Over all we are very pleased with the results and the responses from people were excellent, a totally different look from what we are used to. I hope to get a few pictures up but doubt if I will be able to do it for a few weeks as we are off on holidays now. :thumbup:

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