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I'm at the 1 month mark of dealing with Therma-tru. I bought 4 pre hung doors from them. 1 single, 3 double doors. All 3 double doors are riddled with problems. I found out that Therma-tru does not build jambs, or pre hang doors. That is done at another facility. The ORE-PAC rep came to my site, blamed us, used awesome car salesman like double speak and left. He sent his "techs" out to fix. The cut so much off the 2 doors out back that the cores are showing on top to get their gaps. Then they ripped the astragal sides down 1/4" to get the doors to close without hitting. The doors still drag the adjustable sill a little while opening.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this? I'm an electrician, not a carpenter. So my experience is basically zero. I hired the initial door install out to my friend Mike, Who is a great carpenter and GC in Astoria. He got the single door in quick, perfect. Then uncrated the other 3 and told me no way...
PS one of the back double doors had been chiseled for backing plates by a 10 year old before I got them. We didn't see that until way later. dumb I know...

2 of the doors are sitting in my shop now. Therma-tru does not want to take them back, or give me new doors. I am ordering Milgard doors tomorrow. Hopefully they are better.

I have not paid the door supplier yet. I told them until I was happy with the doors, I am holding the money. Do you think they can sue me? Have I made any mistakes other than trying to return them on day 1 instead of letting the rep talk me into fixing them???
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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