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Hello. My name is Shane Taylor. The inventor of the Roughneck Shelf for baker style scaffolds. My product address the need to have a shelf to set tools and materials while using your baker scaffold. Until now, the only place to set your stuff is at your feet. If you've ever used a baker scaffold, you know what I'm talking about. Bending over to retrieve your tools and accidentally kicking your materials off the walk plank is no way to be productive.
Now you have a shelf that will fit on the inside or the outside of your scaffold. And it adjusts up and down the same way your scaffold does. It is made out of a part of the scaffold, so it is already a perfect solution to a problem that has been there since the invention of the baker scaffold: where do i put my stuff?
My product is sold by Northern Tools and Equipment, online only, for now. It cost $69.99 plus $18 for shipping.
I am a union carpenter that has used baker scaffolds for over 20 years installing acoustical ceiling grid. I have seen all kinds of trades and workers come up with ingenious ways to have to keep from bending over while using bakers. My product brings a smile to their faces when they see it attached to my scaffold. No more bending over. If you use a baker or know someone who does, tell them about my product. There is nothing else like on the market. Chances are, most scaffold users don't know that this product exists for their convenience. Let's get this product out there and make a couple million scaffold users happy.
The scaffold shelf is hinged so that it folds up for easier transport. It fits ALL baker scaffolds that gave holes in the ladder frames.
I have a few videos on YouTube that show how the shelf works, just search "scaffold shelf" also Google " roughneck shelf for baker style scaffolds".
Thanks and god bless!
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