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Well, I am about to the point where I need to decide on perimeter drains. The plans that my engineer and I drew up include 1-perimeter drain on the outside of the footer. His opinion is that the inside do little good, and also does not recommend a sump pump.

My basement will be just 3' below current grade (building up the area around the excavated area)... -- 3feet below+ 3' built up+ 2' of basement above the final grade. 1- side of the basement will be daylight- where I will have 2-garage doors. I know that info has little play in the question, but just wanted to add in case.

That stated, I am not going against my engineer, but rather would like to proceed on caution- since 250' of drain costs just $69 here-- a cheap insurance policy if needed.

Here are the questions:
1.) On my outside drain, I am sending to daylight about 400' back of the property. Already trenched this (3-hours of work and little cost since I already had the backhoe). Drain cost was about $120. I am framing 1/2 of my footers above the final grade, and hand-digging the remaining depth by hand below grade. Therefore, I will not be able to dig below the grade without hurting the form... should I just dig after formed to get the gravel and pipe to the lowest part of the footer. Or, is there any harm in placing the drain and gravel about 1/2 the length down for the footer (I am doing 12" deep footers).

2.) Inside: again, not specified: but shouldn't it be a good precaution just in case I do have water pressure that builds up? How can I connect the inside drain to the outside and avoid a sump pump? I know that I could just have a 4" pvc union included in the footer, but is this the best route?

3.) sump? If I keep the slope towards the garage door, and have the perimeter drains installed correctly, do I need to mess with a sump pit?

thanks Guys
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