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the next step

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i'v been doing well doing 1 job at a time and sometimes 2 for the last 7 years. we have been getting more work lately and i have been giving start dates up til mid sept. and i am getting a bit overwhelmed! don't get me wrong, i am so greatful to have work at all, but sometimes it gets overwhelming!!

the next logical step is to get another good guy or 2, but that's where i get scared... obviously having 2 streams coming in is better then 1, but if something gets screwed up my profit will be greatly affected, more so then if i personally screwed up somewhere and fixed it myself... i can call my time a loss, but honestly it would be my spare time. if someone i am paying has to get payed more then antisipated, it could really hurt me.

not that a screw up is the big worrie, it's also my possable underbid for unfamiliar work or under estimation of time needed to complete tasks or the ever so annoying slacker of an employee left alone!!
i have alot of financial fear keeping me from additional promotion of my services and deep down i know i could do so much more, make so much more...

so i would like to hear from you guys the how and why of your expantion and maybe some pointers

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sometimes smaller is better..............
at least thats what my wife told me
That could work for 2 of the above posts :laughing:
That could work for 2 of the above posts :laughing:

World - I am in a similar situation. I posted a question to the experts on here a few months back as I was thinking about hiring a full time employee. But, like you, the financial burdens scared me away.

Follow rbs advice - sub it out. I have been able to find a couple of decent subs (aside from electrical, plumbing, hvac, etc.) and use them as jobs demand. They carry their own insurance, license, etc... and I pay them a fair daily, hourly or per job wage.

One of them is semi-retired. I would certainly look into that route - it has worked for me well, so far. And a lot of good guys are slow right now, and it's an opportune time to get a hold of some quality subs.

I figure if I get to the point of keeping a sub steady full-time, month after month, then I will either hire them on as my own employee, or start the search for an in-house, full-time guy.

Best of luck. Let us know how you make out and what you decide.
That could work for 2 of the above posts :laughing:
which part would you prefer?:whistling
Little Fish/ Big Pond

Mr. Little, I say do what makes you sleep at night. But anyone can stay a small fish. Why not move over to the bigger pond. Hire a sub like some had suggusted and try it out.

You will either have a longer lead time or you will turn away some work. Which one would bother you more?

I would at least test the waters and move forward. Good luck
which part would you prefer?:whistling

I'd have to see your wife first... :w00t:
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