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In march launched it new marketing advertising plan called the superpages service guarentee program . The AD i saw i TV said that if the customer was unsatisfied with the work preformed by one of their contractors they would pay to have it fixed.

They claim that have reviews you can read about all the diffrent contractors made by homeoweners , and all contractors do great work.

I'm highly ranked on Angies list and don't pay a dime and get 2~3 good leads a week . But yet i was still interested in this program because i've seen the TV ads many times and it looks like great advertising. Its got the contractor with the yellow cape , How many of you have seen these ADs , what do you think?

Today i got the call from them wanting me advertise. First he said no obilgation , i could try it for 60 days and pay nothing. After a 1 hr conversation they wanted me to sign a contract for $500 per month for 12 monthes. Wait..... What happen to the 60 day trial with no obilgation.

Ok , so he broke it down for me:
$139 per monthes for 40 leads for people looking for hardwood floor installation

$143.40 for 4000 mailers per month with my AD in it.

$197.60 for Super Leads , 65 extra people looking for flooring also.( this one sounds like bull*%$#)

All leads are directed to middle to middle-upper class homes.

I said "no sale". He aked what i would pay , i said i'd consider the $139 per month for 40 solid leads. Then he suggested a special plan which he hadn't mentioned... For $199 a month i get the 40 solid leads per month , Plus they come out to my jobsite shoot a video or photo montage and put it on their website . I asked if i could chose my own soundtrack as a joke, and seriously he said " of course".

My next response was, How many other flooring contractors will i be competing against? He said none" we are only allowed one contractor per county". ( that must be bull*%$#) .

I mentioned Service Magic armed with all the info i've learned by reading threads on this site . He replied by saying that SM gets all their leads from Any thoughts? Is that true?

The last thing he said was that he Was going to find a contractor in this area by next week so i better decide soon.

Has anyone else been approached with this new AD men?
Any thoughts?

Has anyone signed up with them?
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The sales guy wants a bid !

When he salesperson 1st called and was trying to sell me on advertising he mentioned that he wanted me to come out and give him a bid on wood floors in his home .

I didin't put much thought into it, just figured he was trying to make a sale. He's called me 3 times asking when i'm going to come out . I'm going today at 6pm , wierd.

The funny thing is.... after i read the link that Ed sent me regarding all the complaints i gave the salesman the names and phone #s of my 3 biggest rival installers.:w00t:
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I think i got the job :eek: , if i get a 1300 sq ft job off a telemarketer who called me i want a TROPHY !!!:w00t:
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