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Thanks robin,
I missed this one and have been waiting to catch it on again.
I have a friend thats been digging a pond and keeps pulling up logs from about 8-10 ft down. He sent off a sample,just a piece of knot really, and they want to see a better piece before its confirmed but they think its this:

If it is, he'll probably have the deepest pond around here. :laughing:

His son shot a nice buck a few weeks back and is working on a skull mount lamp made from some of this wood.

I'll post a picture of it when he's finished
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I nodded off somewhere during the part where they explained that you could cut a 12x12 into 2 6x12's. I could never be a framer, this stuff bores me.
Not many sparkies can.:no:
I could never be a framer.
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