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The little voice

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Do you know the one I'm talking about? It's that voice that very quietly says to you "something's not right about this". It's the voice that is so easy to ignore when you're focused on something pressing. It's the one that you have to train yourself to listen for. It's the voice that mockingly says "See? I told you. Why didn't you listen?'"

I had a rental pump delivered yesterday to start dewatering an open excavation. Never dealt with this rep before, real fast talking guy that knows everybody and their business. He pulls up with the pump in tow and it's already running. Mind you he's just hauled it 50 minutes on the interstate from their shop. The little voice asks "Why's that pump running already?". I take the delivery, he shows me how to start-up and shut-down, etc., etc. Meanwhile the little voice is asking every couple of minutes "Hey! Why was that pump running when he pulled up?"
The day goes by and, as it turns out, I don't get the pump set up. So as I'm driving home the little voice says "I'll bet you that slicky boy salesman had to jump start the pump at the shop and, rather than replace the battery, ran it on the way to the site figuring it would charge. I'll bet you that battery is about as worthless as tits on a boar hog."
Get to work this morning, site is rapidly thawing, place is a mess, get the truck hung up, finally around noon I'm ready to fire off the pump (by this time I've long since forgotten about the little voice from yesterday) and what do I guessed it. Spent the next four hours waiting for the rental shop mechanic to bring another battery and change it out. The voice mocked me all the way home. :rolleyes:
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That is sooooooooo irritating and true. the only thing worse, is to here the little voice say.......

IT MUST BE POND !!!!!!!!!!!
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