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The big project

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At the request of a major client I have agreed to put together a repair proposal for one of his employees.
Here comes the fun part. It's a stick built house, T-10 and drywall, insulation and vapor barrier done northern style. All exterior walls were hosed and penetrated from the hurricanes, everything has remained wet since Sept. Mold is beginning to penetrate the drywall.
This is a first for me and I have to produce a proposal by Monday. My personal vision is that the house is totaled. This is a General Development Corp. home, the cheapest of the cheap when it was built.
Has anyone had experience in this situation? I envision rotted studs, wasted fasteners...........on and on.
Given the current property values this is a $160K house and I'm thinking about $50-75K in repairs if we can save the kitchen.
I'll follow up once I get an eyball on it.
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Keven are you anyway assosiated with Omni Homes in the St Louis area?

They had a Keven working for them.

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