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Thank you !

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I'm an unemployed offset printer and have been unemployed for 4 months. I've been painting the interior of my home while I have the time. So my brother calls and asks what I'm doing and I tell him I'm painting! My brother has a handyman service and turned me on to a lady that needs her rental property painted.
I started surfing the net and stumbled onto this site. I did some reading and took to heart a lot of what you people have said to others about estimating and what your time is worth. I bid this job taking numbers from this site and GOT THE JOB ! I just wanted to thank those of you that are frequent posters on this site for your knowledge. In some small way,because I didn't bid the job low just to work. I hope it helps you professionals out there !

Thanks again,
Rick :Thumbs:
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Great to hear Rick. Good luck with everything!
Congrats, sounds like you may have a new business started. Learn here, learn there and everyplace in between. Embrace the new tech. Some of the paint guys here are running a little low on the ball when it comes to new construction. You have to keep up to date. I have lots of sites that I'm willing to share. I'll be around.
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