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Texas Instrument 7" Limit Switch ??

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This is for my Trane Gas Pack

Can't for the life of me find the following 7" limit switch online ? That tells me I may not be able to find it at the local supply house ? Any help on finding it or what to ask for at the supply house ?

Texas Inst 1NT-21L-2163 L170F30 7"
21H662802PO2 9344
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Find out who the local Trane supplier is, call them and they Will likely.

will give you the name of a dealer or two.
If you can't find one, couldn't you just change out the snap disc?
might as well jumper the limit if one did that. The reason for the 7 " limit switch is to a more accurate temp reading between the h.e. cells.
Thanks Flash and all...

The contacts / terminals were corroded. I couldn't get a good volt or ohm reading yesterday when I looked into it. I sand- papered the lugs and put new FM connectors on the wires. It may have been the cause of the fault. The disc may have been stuck - it ohm'd when I tapped it...worked fine when I restarted.

Its a THT 1221 / new THT2436 - I got the part # from the manual. I'm on the the way to Trane to pick one up.

The HX looked good. But I have to get an inspection mirror to get a look at more of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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